The Proposal

Bare with me because my grammar and spelling is not the best.

I love that Bryan has family everywhere, it has been so much fun getting to go to new places and meet everyone and stay in contact via Facebook. I thought creating a blog is a fun way to keep everyone updated and in the loop of whats going on in our little love story. The story of Bryan’s proposal is nothing short of incredible and it will make a lot more sense with the pictures as I post them.

About a week and a half ago Bryan had a guys night over at his friend, Anthonys house. The next day when I saw him he told me that they were going to plan an end of the year summer camping trip and that he was going on it. I was like that sounds fun and never had really thought anything more of it. A couple of days later I received a notification on Facebook for a event invite called the trip. First off I had never heard of this place called Anacapa that they were planning on going.

As the week went on I looked up Anacapa, and realized that it was an island. I started reading reviews of this place of how its very extreme camping conditions, that the oceans are super rough, and there was a fog horn that goes of every couple seconds.  As I am reading these Bryan txt me to tell me that we are bringing our kayaks and all going to go out. So pretty much I freaked, I told Bryan i wasn’t going and that I didn’t feel comfortable with it. Everything sounded to dangerous for me. I don’t know what happened but all of a sudden I was in a car with my kayak for a 2 1/2- 3 hours drive up to Anacapa and was not to happy about it. Yes I know I was being a total brat.

We arrived at the boat that was going to take us about an hour out into the ocean to Anacapa island. It was such a blessing from God that a lady who worked as kayak guide was at the docks where our friends Anthony and Daniel were getting there kayaks. She went through this who speech of how safe it is and they she goes out a couple times a week and that the island is amazing. I instantly felt relief and that I can survive this trip. We all got on the boat and were officially off the main land. As we approached the island it was beautiful, all big sea cliffs, sea caves, and the water is aqua and clear. Something that you don’t see off the coast of California to often. We get off on this dock and looked up at the 157 stairs we were going have to climb with all of our gear to get to the actual island. Then a person said to us that worked for the boat, you guys will be the only people on this island for a couple days (our trip was for 3 days) if you have a problem try and get through to 911 and they will send a helicopter out but its extremely expensive so just don’t do that. So pretty much I was back to secretly freaking out to myself.

Anyway, at the top of the stairs was a welcome map center, with a map of the island and brochures and pamphlets about Anacapa. You pay a dollar to the box and then you can take as much information as your heart desires. So i took every single one because i wanted to know as much about this place as possible.

We got to our spot that we were going to set up our tents and walked about 10 feet away to this bench that we called our backyard that had a breathtaking view that overlooked the ocean, you saw fish swimming, stingrays, more seals then you can count, and of course the famous seagulls that love to make a ton of noise. I was starting to relax more and be more at peace. That night after dinner I started going through all the papers and one of them was a historical scavenger hunt brochure. Inside it had safety rules and tips and about 10 different clues to find out the Anacapa Legend! I told bryan about it so the next day we decided we would try and solve it.

The next morning we woke up early and got out on to the water to go kayaking, we went through sea caves, pretty much played with seals, explored so coves, and then went to the famous arch. Which is literally a huge arch in the water you can kayak through. On the scavenger hunt it said a clue would be a the arch. Bryan found a yellow little case attached to the arch.  He said he found it and clipped it off the rock. I opened my paper and it said the lock combo was the frequency of the fog horn from the light house. We all counted how many seconds were in between each horn and it was 15 seconds. So 015 opened the box were we found a ton of paper of a decoder. The decoder paper would help us find out how to decode other clues that would be written in numbers.

The next couple days we explored every inch of that island and doing this scavenger hunt little by little. Every clue we got closer, we found many more of these yellow lock boxes with more clues and sending us to another point. It would lead us to signs like where a memorial bench was and then on the back of the memorial bench sign would have numbers on the back that we would decode for the next clue. It was super fun figuring all these things out, lets be honest i sort of felt like an undercover investigator or something solving a mystery.

The very last day we were going to do one final kayak trip out, we got up early to go out so the tide and current wouldn’t be so strong. We went to over favorite cove and explored more sea caves till i couldn’t keep up with the boys and more and got tired and we start to head back after 3 or 4 hours. On the  way back to camp we made a game plan of packing up and what we were guna do. Bryan suggested we change out of these gross clothes we had been living in the last several days and clean up for the way back and take some pictures at the view points. Now if your friends with me on Facebook you know bryan and i take way to many pictures so this wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. We changed and packed up a bit when one of bryans friends was like we didn’t finish the scavenger hunt lets figure out the last clue while we are taking pictures. We started walking and found the last sign, it said you will find out the Anacapa Secret at Pinacal Point. So we all headed over to the last point. As we were walking Anthony and Daniel kind of started walking really slow and bryan really fast. I was like what the heck is going on. All of a sudden at this lookout point is a big super cut amazing quilt with one of those super fancy picnic baskets with the silverware and glasses. There was sparking cider and fancy cheeses and fancy crackers. We walked over to it and there was a little chalkboard that said krystal and bryan and some pictures in frames around the blanket. So I started crying and Bryan looked at me and was like krystal please don’t cry, this is just a picnic to celebrate us being together and anthony set it up while we were getting ready. So we enjoyed our picnic together and anthony and daniel reappeared in bushes taking pictures, bryan and i were laughing, it was pretty great.

After the picnic Bryan took me by the hand and told me he wanted to take me to one last place. So we walked along the pathway across the island towards “inspiration point”. You have to climb up this tiny mound to get to the view point but at the bottom of the little hill was a bunch of flowers in mason jars, crates and chalkboards, and the box. Bryan hands me the box. On the top of the box it says, YOU. So i open the box and there is another box that say ARE then i open another box that says MY and the the last box that says FOREVER. Inside this box, was 4 hand stamped permission slips. They were permission slips for my hand in marriage. One that my dad signed, one that my mom signed, one that my sister signed, and one that my dog and signed, yes with an ink pad and her paw print.

So of course now I’m bawling my eyes out, and the pictures show that i am not a pretty cryer. As I’m crying, Bryan looks over the little hill we are going to go up and says, are you kidding me there are people there flying kites i can’t believe this. And i was like its fine i don’t care. So we walk up the hill and the kites are flying and there are both of our families minus ben, sitting on these blanket that over look inspiration point. Bryan takes me to the front were he had a trellis (arch) set up wrapped in burlap (my favorite) and a bunch of other stuff.  Hanging from it was a little glass lantern. He opened up the lantern and inside was the ring box. He took it out got, said his speech, got down on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage. And ummm of course I said yes. I put the most stunning ring on, we kissed, everyone cried and laughed. And that is the story of how bryan asked me to be his wife.

Background: Bryan went to this island previously to figure everything out, he completely made the scavenger hunt up, made those pamphlets, put them in that box, with the help from his amazing friends who i love dearly, they set up all the signs and boxes everywhere! Then when we were kayaking the last day our amazing families came over to the island without us seeing them and set everything up. Megan, Bryans older sister made that amazing blanket as well as pretty much everything and got it all set up cute. Our dads put together that actual proposal sight and our moms especially Marsha worked the butts off to make this so amazing and help bryan with his vision. Maddie, Bryans youngest sister got amazing poloriod pictures ( soo cute) of the whole thing. Everyone played there part and did so much. I am so thankful and beyond belief of everything everyone did. It was truly amazing . God is so good!